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There are many types of tent structure; yurts, bell tents, geodesic domes, but none quite have the feel, elegance or beauty as the tipi. In recent years there has been a resurgance of interest in tipis both by traditional indigenous peoples and in the western festival culture, particularly in th UK, boutique/ VIP ‘Glamping’  it is ‘the place to be’.

The tipi experience is not just about ‘the place to be’ though; it touches us on a deeper, more subtle, level. It connects us to the earth, it reaches to the sky. It can be open and airy in the summer and closed up and cosy in winter.

Tipi Ibiza is here to provide the tipi experience of your choosing. A party chill-out space, a wedding or honeymoon, extra accomodation for visiting family and friends. Furnished or unfurnished with beds and bedding if required, at any location of your choice.

Tipi Ibiza was established in 2011.